Terms & Conditions

Participation in the OneShare Health Referral Program (“Referral Program”) is not an automatic right; it is a benefit for past, existing, and potential OneShare Health Members who follow our rules and treat others well and in good faith. Joining and retaining Referral Program Membership is at OneShare Health’s discretion. As such, participation in the Referral Program constitutes acceptance of its Terms and Conditions. Those who do not wish to follow the Terms and Conditions of the Referral Program should not participate. Thus, henceforth, you agree to be bound by the following Terms and Conditions:

  1. Any OneShare Health Referring Member (“Referring Member”) acknowledges that content related to the Referral Program and any associated information, materials, or products are subject to copyright and, accordingly, the Referring Member shall ensure that such content is used solely for the purpose of assisting OneShare Health in expanding its Health Care Sharing Ministry Membership, and, as such, may not be copied, reproduced, rebroadcast, or commercially exploited in all or any part.
  2. The use of automated calls, pre-recorded messages, and text messages by a Referring Member are strictly prohibited and shall constitute a violation of the Referral Program.
  3. Neither OneShare Health, its parent, any content owners or third party licensors, nor its respective directors, officers, employees, agents, contractors, subsidiaries, or affiliated companies will be liable for any indirect, incidental, punitive, special, consequential, or exemplary damages or loss of any kind arising from your participation in the Referral Program or from content, information, materials, or products included on or otherwise made available to you through the Referral Program.
  4. Each person referred through the Referral Program must retain a OneShare Health Membership for at least sixty (60) days before the Referring Member receives the $200 E-Gift Card.
  5. Referring Members will only be credited for Referrals who use the unique link provided by OneShare Health (via Referral Rock) to become a OneShare Health Member.
  6. Referring Members are free to discontinue participation in the OneShare Health Referral Program at any time. Likewise, OneShare Health reserves the right to suspend or terminate a Referring Member’s participation at its own discretion. For example, in the event that a Referring Member has three (3) or more Referrals within a three-month time period cancel a OneShare Health Membership during the Referral’s first month of service, OneShare Health reserves the right to terminate the Referring Member’s participation in the Referral Program.
  7. If, at any time, OneShare Health suspects that a Referring Member possesses malicious intent or is engaging in any misconduct or nefarious activities while participating in the Referral Program, OneShare Health reserves the right to terminate the Referring Member’s program participation.
  8. OneShare Health and Referring Members shall use reasonable efforts to protect any personal information submitted by Referring Members, or made privy to the Referring Members, in connection with the Referral Program.
  9. As OneShare Health Programs are not available for enrollment in the states of MD, VT, NM, and WA, Referring Members may not extend an invitation to others within these states. If referrals are generated within these states, they will not be eligible for OneShare Health Membership or our Referral Program. 
  10. Referring Members who belong to OneShare Health’s Summit Program should send referrals to OneShare Health’s internal Enrollment Team, not Summit’s. Referring Members are only eligible for the Referral Program through referrals who complete enrollment in OneShare’s Catastrophic, Classic, or Complete Membership.
  11. Members in Montana are only eligible to receive referral compensation as a credit against future contributions and are limited to no more than 6 such credits in any year.

Failure to comply with any of the Terms and Conditions outlined above will lead to immediate termination from the Referral Program.